Uniquely Handcrafted.


CUstom furniture for Your Home and Business.

Located in Durham, NC, we work to design and create uniquely handcrafted and custom furniture for your home and business. We utilize premium materials and quality lumber to create lasting furniture pieces to fit within your space. We will work with you throughout the design, building, and installation process to satisfy your individual vision and aesthetic.

At The Carolina WoodLab, we meticulously choose, shape, and assemble materials into your custom furniture piece. You will see maker’s marks, naturally-occurring wood patterns, and other one-of-a-kind attributes that simply cannot be found in mass-produced furniture. Also, you may rest assured that your piece is built so future generations will be able to enjoy it.

We responsibly source our lumber from a local supplier in North Carolina. By doing so, we can provide a large selection of domestic and exotic hardwoods to fit your design and budget.


Customized for You and Your Space.